The Philippines is a small country located in Southeast Asia known for its white sand beaches, delicious food and hospitality of its people. But these are just a few of the things that the Philippines has to offer, over the years it has emerged to be one of the most popular and attractive outsourcing destinations. Here are a few reasons to substantiate the claim:


Cultural Compatibility and Adaptability

Over 500 years of Spanish and American influence on the Philippines, the effects are still embedded in the Filipino culture. Western culture is evident from the education system to the country’s form of government. Coupled with the polite in nature of Filipinos it results in phenomenal service outcome.


When it comes to cultural adaptability, Given that there is a broad separation of geographic location and difference in time zones. Filipinos can work with diverse group of people and requirements. They adapt to different cultures, situations and work environments. BPO Employees work at night or during graveyard shift to follow company schedule halfway around the world.


Effective Cost Savings

The cost of living in the Philippines is about half the cost of living in other neighboring countries like Australia. As a business, you need to spend your resources wisely. The main reason why companies are outsourcing is that of the amount of salary for almost the same requirement and responsibilities in other countries.  By outsourcing to the Philippines, a business can save up to a large percentage of their expenses while providing the same service to their customers. But this does not mean that BPO companies are paying a low rate in the country, on the contrary, BPO employees are enjoying an above minimum salary, with lots of benefits like health insurance and other company perks, some of which are not available in other types of employment in the Philippines.



The Philippines is one of the largest English-speaking countries in the world. Majority of the Filipinos can speak English well. If you happen to visit the country, public utility drivers, street vendors, and waiters are capable of Basic English conversation. This in fact makes the Philippines rank as one of the top most attractive BPO destinations.


Highly Skilled Workforce Availability

The growth of the BPO industry has changed the perception of most Filipinos. In the early days, people work in BPO companies because of lack of employment options. Today, a career in the BPO industry is a highly coveted option. This attracts educated and trained professionals to bring their diverse experiences and skills to the industry. Not to mention that the government made it possible for easy access to free training and education. As a result there is a vast talent pool of qualified individuals applying for a job in a BPO company.


The Growing and Stable Economy

The Philippines is among the emerging markets in Asia. The Demand for talented professionals in the Philippines is growing rapidly as well. BPO companies are looking at suburban or rural locations for their BPO operations. Given this, there a more startup companies emerging to provide a growing number of talents and clients for outsourcing businesses.


Government Support and Infrastructure Development

The Philippine government extends its support to BPO companies, from encouraging foreign investors, allocating budget for improvement of infrastructure and providing free training programs. This allowed the country to overcome development obstacles for energy, transport and communication.



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