Virtual Assistants

Today the virtual industry has grown exponentially. A growing number of Virtual Assistants has become an in-demand service from busy executives to small businesses. At SRS Philippines we are called to action. With our highly skilled Virtual Assistants we can significantly increase your efficiency and help you focus on other things that matter to your business.


Our virtual assistants actively work with tasks on your timetable. When they are done they clock out. Absolutely no time and money wasted.


Our VA’s work on demand, a cost effective way than hiring a traditional employee. Only pay for the hours worked. The hours in your bucket are good for 3 months, so if you have a slow week or month it’s not an issue the hour’s roll over.


Doing it right the first time. Our skilled VA’s are reliable, coupled with skill, we don’t only get the job done, we do it right.

We want to help your business succeed by giving your customers a fantastic customer support experience.

Drop us a line, call us at 1 855 696-9088